Seneca County

Common Pleas Court


Selection:  Your name was obtained from the voter registration list of Seneca County, according to guidelines which assure a random selection of a fair cross-section of the community. You will serve a term of 4 months. You will receive a packet of information in the mail approximately 1 month prior to your term of service is to begin. You will be summoned to appear at a certain date and time listed on the paperwork you receive via U.S. mail. The Seneca County Grand Jury currently meets weekly on Wednesdays.  The Seneca County Prosecutor will notify you of the dates and times to appear. Some days may be only a half day and others may go all day.

Attendance Fees:  A $10.00 attendance fee is paid for each day you are required to and do report for duty, whether or not you are selected to serve. Should you be selected to serve as a juror, you will be paid $20.00 per day.

Work Slips: Upon request, you will be provided with a work slip showing the dates you served and the attendance fees paid to you. This may be obtained at the Clerk of Court’s office.

Employment:  Your employment is protected by law while you are serving as a juror. If you should have a problem with your employer in connection with your jury service, please contact the Court immediately.

Reporting for Duty:  It is critical that you report on time. Jury service is not voluntary but a civic duty imposed upon all citizens by law. If the summons is not honored, you can be ordered to show cause why you should not be held in Contempt of Court.


Grand Juror

Judge Steve C. Shuff

Magistrate Kenneth C. Clason

117 E. Market Street, Suite 4204

Tiffin, OH 44883

Telephone: (419) 448-1302

Fax: (419) 443-7927

Judge Michael P. Kelbley

Magistrate Erica J. Gordon

117 E. Market Street, Suite 4303

Tiffin, OH 44883

Telephone: (419) 447-2982

Fax: (419) 448-7103

Court Attire:  It is important that you are comfortable during your jury service, however, in deference to the Court, we request that you dress cleanly and neatly. You should wear comfortable clothing that enhances the dignity of the Court and emphasizes the seriousness of your responsibility. Shorts of any kind, hats, tanktops, T-shirts, sweat suits, torn or soiled jeans, or other such informal attire is not considered appropriate apparel.

Location:  The Grand Jury will be sworn in at the Seneca County Courthouse Annex, 117 E. Market Street, Tiffin, Ohio.  You will find this building mid-block between the old courthouse and Old Trinity Episcopal Church and across the street from Burn’s Electric.

Parking:  The County has parking across the street from the Courthouse Annex on East Market Street next to Burns’ Electric. There is access to county parking off South Washington Street next to the RTA Building. Also on South Washington Street across the street from the old Courthouse is a city parking lot with limited all day spots.


The secured ground floor entrance is located under the portico. You will pass through a metal detector upon entering the vestibule.  Next, you will check in at the Clerk of Court’s office located on the first floor. From there is an elevator to all floors and the building is handicap accessible. Once you are sworn in, you will adjourn to the Grand Jury room housed at the Seneca County Prosecutor’s Office.

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